Memoirs of the Champions

Matti Pyykkö - Nordic Champion 2012

Korsör ,Store Belt 31.8. - 1.9. 2012. 2012 Denmark

It was great feeling to go the Denmark to meet all the danish dynamite guys. Some how the competitions at Denmark have been very good in last years. Even the Johan have to do most of the arrangements ( he is always a bit angry, because he is a bit pissed that he have to take care of the baby adults), the atmosphre is so central Europe. Denmark is very diffrent from north of Scandinavia. Anyway, Korsö and the Store Belt is one of the best place in the world to do spearfishing. I am big fun of modern sculpure and concrete walls. So the feeling to do spearfishing under these huge pilars at Store Belt was just something I want to do many time again. Immediately when I arrived at Korsö I was having good feeling about this competition.

We were doing a lot of team work with Johan at Kristiansundcup. I was his manager. But Johan make very clear that I don´t have any change to bet the Danish dynamite guys at Korsö. So what happened was that Johan took all the pressure to him self. And for me, for the old ganster. You couldn´t motive me more than just saying something like that.

I saw in the scoutig some big Mullets around the fake island. So in the middle of the bridge. I realised that they were Mullets feeding grounds. And with the big waves they were there all the time. Danes went always thre only with good conditions. So if there were a big waves they never went out. In thr first competition day was windy and I was happy. I knew there will be Mullets around the fake island. So in the start I didnt dive ( fight ) at any of the first pilars. I swam from the Korsö shore staright to the middle to the fake island. Even in the big waves it took just 35 minutes. And when I arrived there I realised that I am alone there. Grazy but thrue. So I just started to hunt the big Mullets. Missed coule of them in the beginning but after I sarted to get them. After 90 minutes I was having three of them. I also missed two nice Trouts but they were too fast for me. Then I swam to the highest pilar. I mean the pilar which is end of the zone. I saw a lot of cods thre at the scouting. The bottom were at 23 meters. Difficult but I was shure that the Cods were there.

But shit. The pilar was emty. How it was possible? A lot of small Cods but no big ones? I sarted to get nervious. It was very difficult to dive around the pilar but I was doing some tricks. Then in the last dive i catched a 5 kg Cod. After that dive I was so scared that I think that I am leaving this place. I took some big flat fish on the way back to the fake island. I was still having 2 hours time to be at the starting point. So I started to catch the Mullets and I was able to have 4 more. So I was having full 7. Yes. I sarted to swim back and I was quite shure that I did well. And I did.

This was underwater rygby competition. The fish is just in the straight line under the pilars- So the tuffest guys will take the fish. And some others you are diving in the banned harbour or under the harbour rocks.

The beginning of the second day I was nervious. I was actually having posibilities to be a first non-Danish who would win at Denmark. Great. And Johan couldn´t makea ny jokes about me anymore. So the second day the competion was held at the island Sprogo. I started from the Odense side. From that side there were no danish competitors. That was also grazy.

I was remembering the King Charles X Gustav grazy icewalk ( march across the belts ) over the Store Belt 1658. I was now abot 350 later diving in the same place. That gave me a lot of extra energy. In the beginning I try to catch some Mullets but I didn´t see any. The I swam to the pilar number 16 and started to work. I was diving and fighting. The Cod were hiding in the rocks. I was taking super easy and always something was coming up in my spear. Great.

This Nordic competition was definetily the best. Thank you wery much. Hopefully we can go each year to see the magic of the STORE BELT!

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Kim Jaatinen - Nordic Champion 2010

How I became the Nordic Champion 2010

Rauma has almost always been good to me and over the years the coast of Western Finland has become my second home. In the second spearfishing competition I ever participated in, Rauma Open 2004, I came in second. From there on in I trusted the place and the people. In 2009 I won my second Finnish Championship just there, in Rauma. My trust strengthened and leaned toward love. But my sprouting relationship with the sea off the Finnish West coast was truly put to the test in 2010, when the Nordic Championships were to be held off the coast of my dear Rauma.

As always I arrived in time for a thorough scouting accompanied by my team mate Eliel Kilkki. We worked long days and covered a lot of sea devoid of fish. Luckily we started to get the gist of how the West coast perch were thinking and finally found two very good spots. Even luckier was the fact that the places were divided on both day’s competition zones. The second day area had more fish and we had our own preferences and would not be competing with one another on that day. The first day at Nurmes was however tricky, we only had fish in one, very small, spot and it was a good 3 km run to get there! No worries, the perch there were not only numerous but very calm in the warm water gathering we had found some days earlier. We were ready.

It has to be said that the evenings spent with our friends from both Denmark and Norway were ever so nice and made the competition even more enjoyable. After scouting we could forget about fish for a while and relax and have a nice smoke sauna with our beloved friends in arms. But come the night before the competition relaxation had to give way to focus and last minute strategic planning as well as gear fixing. The weather forecast for the competition looked classically dark: the wind will turn 180° and strengthen. The storm had not yet hit the Finnish West coast when it was already raging inside my head.

In the morning when we headed out from the Rauma harbour the wind seemed to have abated. When we reached the open sea I realized how serious the situation was. Huge waves were crashing onto the rocks just south of the place we had in mind with Eliel. As the boat slowly pitched and jawed past the rocks toward the starting zone I could just make out the perch spot, and realized that the breakers are rolling in right where we had a spot of warm water. It was a time of quick decision making and weighing of options, very few options.

I recalled a spot where I had caught a nice batch of pike in the Finnish Championships earlier in the season. For some hectic minutes I went through the potential of both this place and the perch spot. The pike spot could be more protected, but would it be protected from these massive waves? I had to take the chance. The start would be in a few minutes and I had to get myself alive to the shore for the start. No easy task in the waves rolling in from the West. No one even considered postponing the start, every one was roaring to compete over that tin plate we all desire. I have to give it to all Nordic spearfishermen: you are real troopers!

While running and swimming as hard as I could to get to my spot I had a gnawing feeling over my switch of tactics, did I make the right choice? Fifteen minutes later I arrived and saw the calm surface of the bay I had in mind. I looked around and saw no one. Shivers of excitement went down my spine and out my arms. Not long after that I saw a small pike and got a good shot in it. ! Here we go!”, I thought. The pike were small but there were lots of them and soon I had five pike hanging in my belt. The pike were cornered by the storm and had gathered in the shelter of this bay. I did the right thing when switching my tactics from perch to pike. After some trouble with a pike tearing loose and finding it again I had ten pikes and was out of time. In the goal I realized what a lead I had. Tomorrow I still need to do well I thought, as I knew the tough opponents I had.

The second day was difficult for me as the storm had cleared all the warm water from my spots and the calm and numerous perch were all gone. Eliel did well in catching some in one of the spots, but I guess I was too hasty in deeming the place empty. Good work Eliel! All day I fished with increasing nervousness as I only had an ide to show for hours of work. That was it, time’s up. In the goal I was devastated as I missed a roach at the last minute outside the goal. Morten had an incredible catch! He had lots of perch and some roaches. I knew he was the Champion. We discussed the situation and came to the conclusion that I was glad I lost to him. Morten is truly a worthy opponent and losing to him is not a shame.

During the weighing of the fish something dramatic happened. Mortens roaches were not roaches, but ides, small ides. This is crucial since the points are very different, roaches giving a lot of points due to their very difficult and erratic swimming behaviour and ides barely give any points at all. The weighing became a nail biting thriller and in the end my pikes and the one ide I had to show for day two was enough by four points, and so I became Nordic Champion. Of course we reiterated our discussion about losing to friends and Morten came to the same conclusion I had come to when faced with the opposite situation.

This competition was truly a pleasant experience All the friendship and suspense mixed together to our own Nordic spear fishing culture. We’re lucky to have this community!

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Morten Villadsen - Placed 2nd on Nordic Championships 2010

Dag nummer 1

En værre omgang. 16 s/m fra vest blæste ind på den eksponerede kyststrækning. Havet var brunt og i den grad uigennemsigtigt. Jeg mistede helt modet, men besluttede mig for at fiske i den nærmeste lagune dybest inde. Måske ville der være lidt sigtbarhed dér? Efter lidt tid hvor en enkelt gedde slap fra mig mødte jeg min bror, Mikkel, han havde ikke set nogen fisk og heller ikke fundet sigtbarhed. Men vi ville lige give det inderste område en chance. Vi så begge nogle aborrer og det lykkedes mig at få fanget en enkelt, men så var der heller ikke mere at komme efter. Dagens storfanger blev Kim Jaattinen som havde fået en hel lagune for sig selv og fanget 10 gedder. De var ikke kæmpestore, men i alt lykkedes det ham at lave 100 point på dag1. Min ene aborre gav mig 13 point.

Dag nummer 2

Kl er 11.00. Starten går samtidig fra de tre startområder hvor jeg starter i det nordligste. Finnerne svømmer vest på, jeg svømmer nordpå alene. Jeg har en plan om at fiske aborrer i et stræde mellem 2 skær hvor der var set nogle stimer under scoutingen. Jeg kommer først og lægger mig ned mellem bevoksning på 2m dybde. Venter. Kommer op igen flytter mig 5m og dykker så igen. Mine dyk er omkring 1.10 minutter lange og jeg ser ikke noget de første 20 dyk. Pludselig kommer en 1.5kg brasen svømmende imod mig, men da jeg retter harpunen ind forsvinder uden at jeg får affyrret. Ah! Dette går ikke – her er så få fisk så man Må bare ikke misse de chancer man får! øv. Jeg fisker lidt videre, men ser ingenting de næste 7-8 dyk. Så forlader jeg området og prøver mig frem ude i et mere eksponeret stræde. Her så vi også aborrer under scoutingen. Jeg dykker, dykker og dykker. Ned til 2-4m og vente vente vente. Længste dyk var 1.55min, men mange dyk var bare 1.20. Jeg ser dog ingen verdens ting udover en pressefotograf fra finsk fjernsyn der ville fotografere mig mens jeg jagede… "ja, kom du bare – her er jo alligevel ingen fisk"...

Langsomt tøffede jeg lidt modfalden tilbage mod målområdet selvom jeg var i alt alt for god tid. Jeg ville dog lige se efter gedder i et lille sivområde op af en bådebro. Men her var der desværre ingen gedder… øv. Hen til bådbroen og lave et lille dyk her selvom sigten så rigtig dårlig ud. Jeg dykker ned i skygge af bolværket og rammer bunden på 1.3m dybde. Sigten er dårlig, men en stor stime af sild flimrede forbi mig og jeg lå ikke mere end 5 sek på bunden før adskillelige store aborrer og skaller svømmede forbi. Her vrimlede lige pludselig med liv!?? Jeg var helt forvirret og tænkte først at jeg måtte være i et forbudt område, men så begyndte jeg at forstå at dette måske var min chance for at gøre mig gældende i den samlede stilling. Jeg fik harpunen i stilling og skød en aborre ud af de 10-12 stykker jeg kunne se.

Det gode ved aborre i forhold til undervandsjagt er at deres stikkende skæl er meget solide og hvis man har ramt er man så godt som sikker på at de ikke river sig af spyddet – deres rustning er simpelthen for hård. Jeg hev aborren til mig og min puls var tårnhøj da jeg så at min bøje nu var viklet ind i et fortøjningsreb til en af båden her i havnen. Shit – min stringer sad på bøjen ( og ikke i bæltet)… men jeg ville ikke forlade denne stime fisk – sæt hvis de ikke var her når jeg kom tilbage? Jeg tog en hurtig beslutning og stak aborren ind gennem hullet i hætten og indenfor dragten ned på brystet. Dens skæl skurrede godt nok lidt mod min hud, men jeg var kun optaget af at skulle dykke ned til fiskestimen igen. Jeg dykkede og skød nu en tyk skalle som kom til syne efter ca 20sek på bunden. Min bøje var stadig viklet ind og også skallens slimede krop gled let indenfor dragten. Det gik lidt letter med fisk nummer to. Da jeg derefter ladede harpunen måtte jeg lige flytte fisken fra brystkassen så jeg ikke trykkede fisken helt sammen med enden af min harpun.

NU gik det stærkt. Jeg dykker ned og skyder og misser. Arrr! Jeg dykker igen og skyder ved siden af…Igen! Dette gentager sig i alt 4 gange (!!!) før jeg får lidt ro på. De næste 20 minutter kan jeg ikke huske udover at jeg meget stresset og at jeg begynder at ramme. Jeg skød nu ca 7-8 fisk og de fleste af dem var aborrer og jeg fik dem over på stringeren på bøjen. Fiskene blev mere og mere hurtige i deres bevægelser. Til sidst lå jeg på bunden mens fiskestimen cirklede i høj fart omkring mig (sild, aborrer og skaller) og det blev sværere og sværere at få ram på de fisk der var store nok. Klokken nærmede sig 14.00 og jeg skulle være tilbage til målområdet kl 15.00, så jeg tænkte på om jeg snart skulle svømme tilbage. Jeg fik endnu et par fisk og så svømmede jeg af sted kl 14.12 med stadig to fisk inde under dragten. Det blev dog for ubehageligt, så efter 10min svømmetur forsøgte jeg at hive aborren ud igen. Det var dog sværere end lige først antaget. De spidse tykke skæl og piggene på ryggen sad fast i både mig og våddragten og jeg var efterhånden ret ømskindet på hals og skulderen hvor fisken havde arbejdet sig hen mellem dragt og hud. Efter 5 minutters besvær med at få fisken ud svømmede jeg endelig tilbage til målområdet og var lidt tøvende og forvirret. Klokken var jo kun 14.40(?) og der var stadig mange fisk ved broen kun 10minutters svømning væk… men de andre til konkurrencen havde sikkert fanget meget mere, så jeg endte vel på en 5.-6. plads samlet og det var vel fint. Solen skinnede og jeg tog min overdel af. Min hud var afskrabet og rød, og et par steder havde aborrepiggene lavet decideret rifter og huller…

Da gårsdagens vinder, Kim Jaatinen, kom ind til målområdet havde han dog kun fanget 1 fisk (!) og folk begyndte at tale om at jeg var den nye nordiske mester…(??) men det troede jeg ikke på… Jeg havde jo kun lige fanget lidt under bådebroen – og fundet det hotspot alt for sent til at udnytte muligheden godt nok (selvom 13 fisk på 50 minutter er ganske fint). Nu begyndte vi at regne sammen i hovedet og måle og se om fiskene var store nok… men jeg var stadig meget i tvivl om udfaldet. Tilsyneladende ville den nye nordiske mester (den regerende mester, Matti, havde kun fanget 3 aborrer) hedde Morten eller Kim. Spændende. Da indvejningen startede blev mine fisk hevet frem. 8 aborrer der var store nok (2 var for små) og så var der mine skaller… men ak. Skallerne viste sig at være rimter og der gives forskellige point til forskellige fiskearter og det var ikke til min fordel. Så Kim endte på 120 point (8 gedder og 1 stor rimte) og jeg endte på 116point (9 aborrer og 2 små rimter). Kim og jeg blev også nummer 1 og nummer 2 i den sideløbende ”Baltic Championchips” som også inkluderer alle østersølandene. Kim Jaatinen er min gode ven og vi var meget enige om at skulle man miste sejren så var det godt at fighten stod mellem os da vi også kunne glæde os over hinandens guldmedaljer.

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Matti Pyykkö, 2008 Norway

2008 Norway, Kristiansund

Rapo was the number one in the Kristiansund cup just one month before the Nordic. So the situation was difficult. Rapo was at the top, Kim was coming better every day and Johan was the best. And I knew that I am not in the best shape. But Rapos and Kimis challenge was good. I was ready to battle. I was scouting the best places and I knew that the tactical part of the competition will be super important. The first day I didnt do well because Jörgen was taking the lead with 10.00 points. That was not the plan. I was at fourth place but I knew nothing is sure yet. The main stress was of course over because the ”Antiloop” Tapio was taking care of Johan. I mean Johan was following Tapio in the running part and Tapio was taking the wrong path, so they were loosing time and fish. Sad for Johan but he should start to fish and not run. He is best in the water. Not in the land.

The second day I went to the Rapos stick and the fish was there. Even it was not so much. I was fishing with Johan and we both were doing great. I knew that we are going to be the first two because we were fishing in the best spots. And the last dive. I was really tired in the last hour of the competition. Johan was still diving at the 23 meters. I couldn reach more than 16 meters. But at the Mannes rock I decided to do my last dive. I went down and what I saw. A blind big cod fish. I was so stressed, but I controlled my self. I took the fish up and after I immediatly swam to the Samantaha ( boat ). I knew I have done great. In the end I was winning with 15 points. So everything went like I have planned. But after this competition I realised. It is not shure that I will win the next time at Norway. Let see at the autumn!

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Timo Jattu, DK The Champ 2006

After having an injured foot in the recent weeks, it was not the most hopeful for the Nordic Championships in spearfishing - the training has been somewhat hampered since I have not been able to run or swim with monofin. A week ago I was at Hillerød hospital to take xray of my left foot as it periods of constant ache and pain is not resolved, unfortunately I was told that I had to wait two weeks before I could get some results from the xray.

This also meant when I Thursday afternoon, packed my gear and looked at my equipment was not aware whether I had some broken bones or other damage in my feet –or not. A quick pit stop on the way down to Boeslunde camping to get the last parts in place .. Finally, there was gradually control of the situation and I could relax - However, there was just the problem that our one competition area had collided with a sailing competition so we were forced to change the one-day competition area to the alternative area. During the briefing Thursday evening informed the Finnish national team that they had trained in the alternative area and had not seen the shadow of a fish - that's why they proposed a area north of the bridge, which has a little fish but not many, and especially many cod - immediately seemed like a solution primarily because it alternative area, I knew not, while the new area I had dived in order some years ago - but I caught almost nothing at that time. I chose not to protest as it possibly could mean that I got a slight advantage in this area since all were largely new in this area.

First day of hunting were at Klarskoven south of Korsor - The region was of Finns well researched and I showed that arch-enemy (one of my good friends) Matti had spent the last week to swim through the area, so I expected that he would capture well - further, there was my foot, so the tactic was chosen based on my knowledge of the area and that I did not dare run on foot to avoid further damage - Klarskoven is one area I'd like to have considered but at present time I knew not to the southern part of the area nor the ¼ northernmost part of the area - So the plan was simpelhen to survive days and fish effectively as much as possible in the small part of the area which I have little knowledge of. The start was at 10:00 and there were five hours of fierce competition requires all participants. I speed up to put little distance from the other UV-hunters .. I come gradually out of something depth and slows down a little to get a little more bottomtime between dives, I'm comparatively alone in the area, but due to waves can be easily hide some uv-hunters in the vicinity - it's limited how much you can see when your eyes are 5 cm above the turbulent water - I dive many times and sees virtually no fish, but it's a chance I have chosen - to go after an area with few fish, but hopefully with larger fish - if now Finns preparation has paid off and they come up with cod, there must be enough weight in the surface to limit the loss. There are approx. an hour before my feet start to complain and I changes little between swimming against the tide when the foot does not complain and with it when it complains too much. It is hard work no time to to relax, just 10-second pause and you use one to three minutes to swim up to your starting again. I eventually found a few flat and a few good plaice – then I see a sideline out of the horizont, it is a good cod, but very shy I sneak me along behind some rocks and is so lucky to be able to get within range of fish, - cod shot and stiffens in the shot, hit perfect. At catch line with the fish and on - There is obviously cod - "Everyone else has already seven cod and I have only a… " yes mind flies sometimes slightly too fast .. Somewhat later I take another dive and see a nice cod, harpoon, aligned at the somewhat nervous cod and I let spear fly away - again a perfect shot and I get hold of cod - in As soon as I discover a large stone with a "cod cave" - It must be investigated, but because of the power sifter, I never rock again after I got cod on the fishing line ... My feet are gradually by complaining constant so I chose to swim toward land and see a few flat fish along the way - I find a single plaice so it was not entirely in vain .. I choose to go gently back toward the target area and arriving approx. 45 minutes before time - totally unacceptable, but I must also swim tomorrow and I dare not take chances with your foot. There is not so many participants in the area, but it is also understandable that there's only gone just over four hours. It also means that the big boys do not come up at that time. Johan seems to target area, but has not caught little else a flat .. it looks good! I slipped up to car to retrieve my clothing and a bag - then Tim tells me that Matti arrived with eight cod - No shit Damn .. Fortunately, it appears only to be a joke - Yes I am an easy target ... The last participants are into the target area and the first day's competition will be called off - it represents really well caught well but it must of course also be when the 30 best in the north are single and compete .. But there are not many Cod, just flat and it varies somewhat with the number Mon weighed anything between 4 flatfish to 12 pieces count, I mostly flounder - Outcome being compiled and I are happily in a clear first place - there are already a few wish me congratulations, but it is only a good Cod and everybody can catch more than me tomorrow. We go out and eat in the evening and get refueled the somewhat empty depots thoroughly up before the next day's five hours of competition ... The night runs uneasily with Internal photos of flatfish, cod and other flying past the retina, but anyway I get a little sleep and wakes something rigid in the body, but the foot feels something better.

We arrive to the competition area north of the bridge and get ready to hunt - My tactics are simple - catch the seven flatfish (only seven flatfish may be considered in) and then move into deeper water and look for a Cod or other .. There are a few that will run down to the second part of the area, but because of my foot, this is not an option - I therefore choose to swim through whole area as far north as possible and as humber back to the start and go into the water again to find a cod or two .. I swim quite quickly against the northern part of the area and seeing that I am far from all others - "they have found cod?" pheew mind flying, but I intentions and stick to tactics; while I hope they have not caught something of importance: it is just hard work, there are not many fish in the area, but little is there so I get as comprehensive a flatfish up gradually - One of Finns recognize me and asks if I can help him to determine the species of fish - it can be a little hard to tell the difference between plaice, flounder and hybrids between the two - he has caught 7 nice flounder ... I have four which is a little less, nor has it gone completely wrong to me again! I put the turbot on and looking rather panicky after some more and more flat - Finally I find a great flounder in the whole northern part of the area, I aim my little harpoon and it is already disappeared ... It happens three times before I finally hit on a great flounder, but it may have cost me dearly .. I rise up from the water and walk / run back toward the starting point for addressing the deep part of the dive - I run a little touched on the grass along the beach, which is a part bulls at this area and they look all expediency to me and when I discover a part of them have horns I choose to slip down to the water's edge with my red fluttering bend - Well it would be too stupid to be butted ... I think the southern part of the area and swim directly out to look after cod the bottom is really good, but there is no cod - This is actually amazing with the beautiful plates are in the area - as I frames 11 meter is tied into something mud and I choose to zigzak back .. No cod ... but I managed to be burned repetitive fold on firefighters .. I arrive in the target area 15 minutes before competition ends - mainly to have a safety margin if my feet now began to stretch completely, but also to have checked all my fish - It is so that you get penalty points for fish under competition target (flounder 30 cm) and of course you become disqualified if you have a sub-meter (lawful targets 25 ½ cm) - All roughing clubs is fortunately more than 37 cm so it is not quite so poor, I have also received a single Brill at 36.3 cm a nice fish, so I weigh 8 flat entry to the competition .. I can see that there are two caught cod and a nice rainbow trout, fortunately it from three different divers, so there should not be some problems with maintaining the first place, but I dare not hope for anything before the award ceremony is over .. The voltage is almost unbearable - we have maintained our first place on the team, here I missed anyone who has fished really well? Seats will be announced and as we reach up in rows, I can see that my lead sound. It has managed to become a Nordic Master in Spearfishing!


  • 1 room: Timo Jattu, DK - Nordic Champion in 2006: 27,475 pts.
  • 2 seat: Jan E. Nielsen, CA - 16755 pts.
  • 3 place: Tero Salin, FIN - 15725 pts.


  • 1 space: 1 GB: Timo Jattu, Jan Nielsen, Willy Holst - Nordic champions! : 51,100 pts.
  • 2 place: Finland 1: Jukka Levon, Stig Gustafsson, Tero Salin: 46.060 pts.
  • 3 place: 3 DK: Ejner Poulsen, Tim Henry, Majbrit B. Olsen. : 38965 pts.

Now I have to understand that I am Nordic champion in spearfishing it'll probably take a couple days before it sinks in. Another thing is that there is a second Jattu who has engraved his name in championship dish - Paavo Jattu 1979, my father has always been a great inspiration for diving.

Finally, I would just mention that UV Sport / v / Søren Neubert had sponsored some beautiful gifts that probably should be used. Especially when but I destroy diving equipment all the time

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Matti Pyykkö, 2005 Norway

Once again in Norway. I knew that Johan Nielsen could beat me. Johan is the most tallented guy in the Nordic scene but he is a bit nervious in the competitions. He should just focus in the fishing and not running. The danish style that you have to run always 3 kilometers before you start diving, is not the best styly in Norway. So in the first day I dont know what happened. I was only guy with Hansen who went which inside of the fjord. So I mean that all the danes left me fishing by my self. I really couldnt understand what happened. Winning this competiton was really easy. I just swam and hunt the fish. Alone three hours. After firts day I was having 50 kg of Pollacks in my boye.

The competition atmosphere was great and the organising of the competition was super good. Thre was teams also from Estonia, Latvia etc. And the local police men spearfisher was one of the best guys in Norwegian scene.

The second day was difficult. But I did the good plan. I was just fishing in the inside area, not in the normal places. That style was good. I went to the bottom and just waited. After one minute and something the small pollacks ( but big enough for the competition ) came. Always by them selves. So I just did relly ”anti norwegian” style fishing but I catched 14 fishes. Johan catched much more in the second day but the first day was so important.

Nordic championships at Ålesund with the Estonian and Latvian competitors was one of the best. Especially the after party where the team Finland was wrestling with each others. And the local sheriff was confused.

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Matti Pyykkö, 2004 Finland

Nordic spearfishing championships 2004, Korppoo Finland

Nature is changing. Summer 2003 was the hottest in 100 years in Scandinavia. This summmer was coldest in many decades. In Finland the cold summer is saving the spearfishing. The water stayed in 13-16 celcius so the plankton and the sea weed were not taking over our sea. So the conditions in the first Baltic Sea spearfishing competition were great. Competitors came from the 6 countries. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Norway and Russia. This competition were made because the Denmark, Finland and Norway have been fighting for Nordic championships from 1960 tees. But now it was time to take all Baltic Sea coountries to the competittion. In the ex-sosialistic countries spearfishing is been wery popular but the fishers just havent got a good equipment. Like in Russia spearfishing is very popular and there is also many professionals which are fishing eals from the lakes and rivers. The smoked eal is expensive gourmet food in the eastern Europe.

In finnish coast the fish is always living by the sea water temperature and angle of light. Autumn the fish are cathering in huges groups. In the groups they can hunt better. But that creatures one big promlem. The fish is located only in selected spots. Pearch are in the under water rocks in 7-18 meters. Breams, ides and Pikes are located in the sea grass or close to the grass. Flat fish is rare in the autumn and it is very hidden. So you really have to know were to find the fish otherwise you will not get anything.

The baltic sea competition is two day competion and the competitors are swimming with the boe, no boats are used. Many teams came already one week before the competition to practise the finnish autumn conditions. And the conditions were great. Water temperature at september were 13-15 celcius and visibilty to 5-8 meters. The west wind was blowing wery hard the hole week during the competion but that was great because, clear water was coming inside to the finnish archipelago and cleaning the waters and also creating strong currents between islands.

First day of the competition the area was far out from the coast. Far from the coast is living the real spearfishers dream fishes. White fish and trout. White fish is common but conditions have to be perfect to catch it. The white fish you find the windy side of the island and there have to be shallow beach, with rock bottom. Then you just hide your self in to the rocks and wait. After one minute the fishes are passing by if they do. In Finland the spearfishing is mainly done by waiting. White fish is eating from the bottom the shells and plankton. It can be from 0,5 kg to 8 kg. The trouts are very rare but in the autumn they are located at the same spots as the white fish.

After the first day competition the competitorrs were not having very happy faces. Many people catched only some flatfish and pearches. Jukka Rapo and Matti Pyykkö from Finland were having better faces. Jukka started is competition by swimming fast to the first sea grass. He saw a 2 kg pike there. He consenrated and shooted. When he went to take the pike he was wery suprised because there was also another pike in the arrow. So in one shoot he got to pikes. Matti was heading to the windy side of the area. Matti knew that this is the place were is possible to see trouts or white fish. And the experince did not let him down. Matti catched 3 white fish, flat fish and trout which was the first accepted trout in the spearfishing competition in Finland. The trout minimum limit is 50 centimeters. So catching three different species you get bonus points in Finland. And more species you get more bonus points you will get.

After the first day evening when cometitors were having sauna and some snaps of vodka everybody knew that it will be the second day which will matters. Because the second day area was closer to the coast, the zone of huge pikes.

Second day morning there was a almost a west wind strom but it did not matter because the area was between many islands. It was just good because there would be currents which will make fish wery active. Competition start was in the middle of the area which was 8 kilometers wide. All the competitors knew that today the fish are close to the sea grass. It was possible to catch breams, ides, herrings, flat fish, pearch, pikes, trouts and rainbow trouts. Fishing in the sea grass is exiting but it is not diving, it is hunting in the underwater forest. You have to move slowly and your eye have to be good. It is difficult to see fish when it hidden in the grass. Also turning the harppoon in the gras needs special skils. Finish spearfishing has also a rule that only one competitor can be in one grass zone at the one time. Because it is dangerous like hell to hunt if there is other competitor.

After the second day at the goal area were very happy but tired faces. More than 20 pikes over 3 kg were catched. And Tanel Seermat from Estonia was having the best story. He was swimming by the coast were the huges wawes were hitting the rocks. He saw the trout about 5 kg beside the rock. He aimed but no wonder he did not get it. If you would see the almost hand made estonian harpoons. After this beautiful confortation Tanel desided to buy real modern harpoon. The problem is that the harpoon costs one third of normal estonian salery.

Team Latvia was the most happy team. They could not belive that they had best catch also in the second day. The best cath from Latvian were made by Alexei Savon, 8 perches, 4 pikes, one big bream.

Matti Pyykkö was relaxed. He has won the first Baltic Sea championships and also third time the Nordic championship. And the catch was great. 9 pikes and the biggest was also the biggest fish in the competition 8,9 kg pike. Alexei Savon was the second and Latvia took also the third place. So suprisinly the team Latvia won the team trophy of Baltic Sea championships. But it couldnt be better guys to win this title.The Latvian guys won the main prize of the competition, Marea made to measure wet suits. Getting so good suits replacing the old suits what they were having they will kick ass for a long time.

Then it was time for russian hospility. Sauna was hot and vodka was avaivable. Also the estonian guys made amazing shasliki. The fish from the competition was given to the local people, so meat was the main dinner of the competitors. And in the prize giving the atmosphere were great. Also two main finnish news paper were writing about the competition. Other one put as in the first page. In the nort of europe spearfishing is not having any promlems, people like guys wearing black rubber.

So next year were are holding the Baltic Sea championships at Norway, totally different conditions!!!!!econd day was difficult because I was already starting to feel sick. And just before the competition start I was confused with Tapio Salakaris secret weapon. Tapsa has putted the boye in his back using the tape. So he was just swimming in the grass and not doing any diving. This episode has been one of the funniest ever. Tapsa is a cheaf! Any way the plan for the second day was also clear. Just Pike and nothing else. Now we were fishing closer to coast line, that is the best place for big autumn pikes. Also the current was stong ( in finnish stadars ) so I knew there will be big pikes. Many of the best spearfishers went to the east side of the competition area. But I went to west side. First I run like 40 minutes in the forest etc. And then I swam 20 minutes to the bet grass zone. There were couple danish guys also but I could fish quite alone. I catched 8 Pikes and the biggest one 8,5 kg. So I was winng the Nordic championships and the Baltic Sea championships easily. But after this competition I realisd that in the future. It will be really difficult to win Nordic championships. The quality of the spearfishers in scandinavia is really developing!

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Matti Pyykkö, 2002 Norway

The Nordic championships at Norway, Veidholmen, September 2002

"The king is coming "I was jelling to my self when I was trying to jump away from the hihgway. King was coming with police escort and I was in the middle of the road. Of course with full spearfishing gear. I am so happy that norwigian secret service did not shoot me down. King Harald is so huge!

Back to the battle of Nordic title. I was coming to Kristiansund one week before the competition. Thanks for Dios I was coming with plane. It is so easy. With car from Finland it is taking about 20 hours. I was in the bad shape because I was just spending my hollidays at Praha with my girlfriend. And you know Praha, you can not be with out drinking amazingly good beer and eating the best meet. So when I came to Norway I was having a Czech passport around my stomach.

At Kristiansund I was spearfishing two days but catching just a little fish. The summer in Norway was the most hottest ever so the water temperature was still +17 at september. That is too much. Fish is escaping to the deep waters and just looking as from the 50 meters!

After two nights in Arilds place I was taking a fast boat to Smolna island where the competition was going to be held. But the island is huge, at least 25 km wide. Ok, poor finnish guy alone in country side of Norway. I took a local bus and I check out one place which was apart of the competition area. I get out from the bus and walked 2 km to the sea. Shit, rain and little swamps. And when I went to the water, the shit continues. Water was too hot. I swam 2,5 km out to the fjorden. I saw one fish. Jee, great feeeling.

I was totally fucked up. I was hitchhiking to the west of the island where was our motel. Mammamia some truck driver allmost rape me!

Anyway the spearfishing situation at Veidholmen did not looked good. No fish in the any of 4 competition areas. Anyway I was practising and swimming without the speargun like hell. One day before the competition I was swimming 6 hours and walking thru the swamps. I was so tired and pissed of. And what the norwigian friends dicided. The competition starts will be under the bridges. Jee, like Red Hot Chili Peppers. So all the practicing useless. But not spiritually way, Goa is there!

At the first competition day was nice weather. Rain and wind, i like that. I hate the sun shine in Norway. It just not fit there. Ok, runned under the bridge and fished 4 hours in the strong current. I did many misstakes. Shooting cod fish at strong current was very difficult for me. Even I have been training at Olkiluoto nuclear power plat. At the winters there is current like hell!

Norwigian jefe Tony Hansen was fishing very good. I just heard all the time, chuk,chuck when he was piercing the cod fish.

After the first competition day I was fith position, behind of the leaders Pasi and Tonny 12000 points. Shit I was thinking. But I knew that I have a change for third position. My situation was difficult because in Finland the international team is selected from your succes at the finnish rankings and the Nordic championships. My finnish ranking was so poor. I was fourth place. So if I wanted to enter 100 % to the finnish international team I should be the best finn at the Norway.

Ok, the sleep did not came easy but I knew that I have to take a big risk at the second day.

Second day 80 % of the guys went again under the bridge, ofcourse another one. I was thinking, what the fuck is this. Fishing under the bridge two days at Norway. No way. I was practising out at the sea with Jukka one day and I was falling love in that place. Only problem was that we havent saw more than 10 fish allday. Anyway I was not a pussy. We swam with Jukka out to the sea and miracle happened. The big pollacks were around the big breaking waves. Jee.........I was alone there with the fish. That is the best thing what can happen to you in Norway.

After 2 hours I was having 20 big pollacks, at least 10 over 2 kilos. The wind was coming up and I was once clever. I started to swim back to the start area. It tooked with 34 kilos of fish in my poje 90 minutes. I was so tired at the goal. I was just swimming back allmost two hours. At the goal I counted my catch. 24 fishes. La vida de Buta madre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My good danish dynamite friends came out from the water. Timo and Thomas! They did not have more than 15 pieces of cod fish and pollacks. I knew I will get the third position at the competition.

Then one car came from the other start area, I was so scared to ask " How was the fishing under the bridge?" " The best guy get 3 fish", said Eero.

Oh, my fat huge finnish ass! I just have won the Nordic championships! I love the sea!

This competition was the most important ever for me. I tooked the risk and it was the best thing I have ever done with the speargun in my hand. If you need to win take finn!

Thank you my friends and I love you for ever!


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Matti Pyykkö, 1998 Finland

I had only done spearfishing for couple of years. Jukka Rapo introduced the great sport for me at 1995. I bought equipments and I went to water with Stig Gustafsson and Jukka Rapo. In that time in Finnish competitions were having only 10-15 competitors. Ok, the main place was Hanko, because local cheaf Stig helander has organised with his son many years legendary Hanko Cup. Always the last weekend of august.

So in the 1998 last weekend of August was Nordic championships at Hanko. I really dont member how was the first day in that competition. Maybe the first day was at Låglandet area. I think I catched 2 Turbots and some Breams, and maybe couple of Perches. But the second day I will always remember. The start was from Hauensuoli. An island just in front of the Tulliniemi lightshouse. I remember that I have done somekind of scouting or I have once dived in the between the islands of east from Hauensuoli. There was big current ( in Finnish standars ) between two islands. And in the current were big stones. Visibility was quite good from 3-4 meters. So from the surface I could see in to the bottom were the big stones were. So I dived one hour in that place and I catched like 8 big autumn perches. We call the hunt Perches, the big ones fish were just hunting in the current. I remember that the gurus at that time were diving just 100-300 meters of me, but the perches were only between those rocks. That was the place.

Think about this. After when I have moved to Hanko I have many, many autumns dived at those same rocks and I never saw a thing. What a luck I was having that in that competition day the perchs were there.

I could really understand what happened. In the evening we were having a award party at the Silver Sand motel. And they told me that I am the winner. Unbeliveable.

But I was using the early victory for a energy. I realized soon that I can win much more.

I have to say here that I was almost winning already 1997 at Denmark. The competiton was at this grazy island. No fish, just some flat fish. Second day I catch one mullet. And I missed another. If I would catch the second I would win. It was so much different backing those days.......

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